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Guide To Choosing Your Restaurant & Pub Chairs

Pub and restaurant chairs play an important role in your décor but also in defining your brand identity. For instance, a pub or steakhouse may want to invest in dark mahogany wood chairs, a '50s diner can create a fun atmosphere with brightly coloured restaurant booths, and a sophisticated bistro can distinguish itself with romantic soft fabrics.

Here are a few essential points to consider when choosing your Restaurant or Pub Chairs.

  1. Determine the ambience you're trying to create: casual, elegant, modern, etc.
  2. Consider folding or stackable restaurant chairs if you frequently reconfigure seating arrangements.
  3. Be sure to accurately measure the space available before ordering.
  4. Consider the climate for outdoor seating.
  5. Keep your budget in mind. Chairs aren't cheap - around £30 each at the low end and upwards of £200 each at the other end of the spectrum.

Selecting Your Chairs

  1. Choose a style for your chairs- There are hundreds of styles at every price point, including with and without arms, high backs, contoured backs, padded seats, swivels, upholstered fabrics and colonial flourishes.
  2. Wooden restaurant chairs- One of the most popular restaurant seating options is wood. Wooden chairs can have clean, simple lines or ornate flourishes, and finishes can be light or dark in a variety of colours.
  3. Upholstered restaurant chairs - Fabrics can add a splash of colour and a sense of elegance. Vinyl upholstery, meanwhile, makes for easy cleaning plus the padding that comes along with upholstered restaurant seating can increase comfort, thereby enhancing your customers' dining experience.
  4. Chrome and Aluminium restaurant chairs - For a look that's sleek and modern, metal or aluminium chairs may be the way to go.
  5. Barstools - If your restaurant also boasts a bar, your restaurant seating will need to include barstools.  High dining is now becoming popular too!
  6. Restaurant booths are often more popular with diners than traditional chairs and tables for restaurants. Restaurant booths are available as single booths and double booths and come in a variety of lengths and heights. Generally pricier than chairs, some restaurant booths can cost upwards of £1,000. To offset the cost, consider buying a used restaurant booth.
  7. You ordering a couple more restaurant chairs than you actually need in case any chairs get damaged or broken with use. You can always use them in a back office until you need them in the dining area.

If you're shopping for restaurant chairs online, be aware that the colours of fabrics, wood stains and finishes may not match exactly.

Guide to Choosing your Restaurant & Pub Chairs

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