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  3 Ways To Revive Your Restaurant’s Look Without Reducing your Wallet!

Creating a new look for your restaurant without spanking lots of cash is far from easy!  However updating your image before it becomes stale plays a crucial role in maintaining the interest of your regular customers whilst also enticing new customers in.  Tired looking furniture can lower the customer’s perception of the restaurant as a whole so it is important to keep your look FRESH!!!

Here we have 3 easy and (relatively) inexpensive ways to Re-invigorate your restaurant’s image:

1.  High Dining is on the Way Up! 

The high dining concept is becoming increasingly more popular with restaurant goers and many forward thinking restaurants are using it to attract more custom.  Including a high dining area in your restaurant will establish a contemporary vibe and the varying heights will bring a whole new dynamic to the room.  This also provides you with a perfect opportunity to rethink your table plan.

I know what you’re thinking…. a new set of dining furniture is not going to be cheap!  To buy new dining furniture is expensive BUT why not consider used furniture? You could save a fortune whilst helping to protect the environment.

2.  Re-upholster!  Re-upholster!    

Restaurant furniture provides more than mere function; it sets the tone and the ambience of a place.  Quality contract furniture isn’t cheap so replacing it is not always a viable option.  So… Rejuvenate what you’ve already got!   Re-upholster your soft furnishings to create a whole new feel to the restaurant.  It’s amazing how much of a change some recovered seat pads and cushions can make to a room!    With such a huge range of fabrics available you can’t fail to find the perfect one to fit your new image.

3.  Re-accessorize Like Crazy!

Small changes can make a BIG difference!  Just by changing something as simple as the colour of your accessories, you can change the whole aspect of a restaurant.  Why not choose a wall to make a feature of and paint it a new colour, then, coordinate accessories accordingly.  Altering the colour of your candles, tablecloths, flowers etc is simple and it’s not going to break the bank.


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