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Classic Chesterfield Design in a Contemporary Context

Decorating a public place poses many design options and challenges.  Furniture can ultimately dictate the mood and functionality of a room and influence the way in which people use the space.  By providing a comfortable environment that customers feel relaxed in it is possible to encourage them to use the area for an extended period of time.  A great way to achieve this without sacrificing the interior design of a room is to use Chesterfield Sofas.

Quintessentially English, the extensive range of Chesterfields available today manage to exude a sentiment of luxury and timeless style.  A well placed Chesterfield can either make a relaxed environment more formal or a formal room softer and more congenial.  It is this combination of both bold, strong form and inviting comfort that makes this style of sofa suitable for both contract and domestic environments.

As well as a wide variety of designs and sizes there is now a vast choice of upholstery options.  We perhaps associate Chesterfield furniture with traditional leathers such as Ox-Blood or Antique Green.  This idea of old smoky Gentleman's Parlours is somewhat of an outdated concept.  With a resurgence of Chesterfields within contemporary venues we are seeing the Chesterfield in a whole new set of daring fabrics.  Today the choice is far more exciting, fabrics range from crisp white leather to vibrant prints, all of them wearing particularly well on a timeless Chesterfield frame.

Despite their versatility there are a few faux pas to avoid when buying any furniture.  A principle of which is purchasing a piece of furniture without sizing it up or picturing it within its context.  It's a common mistake to install a large sofa into a modest room, thus further exaggerating the limitation of space.  This does not however mean that a Chesterfield piece is not appropriate for a smaller room, a little thought and smart buying is just required.

Be it three seater, two seater or just a single armchair there are many styles of Chesterfields available, some of which are more delicate and less dominating within a smaller space.  Placing a Chesterfield Armchair in a humble room can not only convey a sense of luxury, which can be hard to achieve, but also create a focal point.  This not only looks fantastic but is also highly functional.   

Having the confidence that a product will survive jumping children and being moved around a venue is really important.  A Chesterfield is not only incredibly durable and robust but it will last for decades whilst retaining a significant resale value due to their classic design and timeless appeal.  They also require very little in the way of maintenance because they are typically upholstered with hard wearing textiles such as leather and the frames are solid wood.

In summary.......... with timeless charm, unbeatable functionality and durability it appears that the proud Chesterfield we all know and love is not only still around today but is just as desirable as it was in the 1700's.  Be it in a pub, hotel or home the modern take on a classic Chesterfield design can turn a plain room into a stylish and comfortable place to be.

If you would like to own your very own Chesterfield please take a look at our stylish Chesterfield Furniture Collection or alternatively call us on 01733 223229. 

Chesterfield Sofa

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