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Self Levelling Table Bases

Self levelling table bases are table bases which will make the life of a restaurant or cafe owner considerably easier.  These self levelling table bases are like no other table bases on the market.

Every day in restaurants, bars and cafes time is spent adjusting wobbly and unlevel tables.  In a busy restaurant this time could be far more valuably employed elsewhere.  One of the most common complaints in the hospitality industry is about wobbling tables caused by uneven floors.

A solution to this age old problem has been found by FLAT.  They have produced a remarkable stabilising technology.  All FLAT table bases automatically find their own level on an uneven surface instantly.  This means you can move table bases around your restaurant quickly and easily.

Best Contract Furniture has been supplying table bases for many years so our range includes more than just these self levelling table bases.  Make sure you also take a look at our cast iron table bases, wooden table bases, aluminium table bases  and stainless steel table bases.  Our tables base range also includes coffee table bases and poseur table bases, giving you even more table options.
For any questions about our self levelling table bases or any of our other table bases please call us on 01733 223229. 

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